Mesotherapy in Wilmington, DE

Mesotherapy in Wilmington, DE

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Mesotherapy, also known as injectable lipolysis, is a non-surgical cosmetic treatment that has become increasingly popular in recent years. At Citidrips in Wilmington, Delaware, Mesotherapy is offered to rejuvenate the skin, reduce cellulite, and promote weight loss. The procedure involves the injection of a customized cocktail of vitamins, minerals, and other essential nutrients directly into the mesoderm layer of the skin. This method allows for targeted delivery of these substances, resulting in improved skin texture, reduced fat deposits, and increased circulation. If you’re interested in the benefits of Mesotherapy, Citidrips is a great place to start!

Areas treatable with Mesotherapy include:

Upper and lower abdomen


Upper arms

Fat bulges below the bra-line

“Love handles”


Double chin

Residual fat deposits post-liposuction


Book your mesotherapy appointment online with Citidrips to take the first step towards a healthier, more youthful-looking appearance. With our experienced providers and state-of-the-art facility, you can rest assured that you’ll receive the highest level of care and attention during your treatment.


The key components in mesotherapy injections include phosphatidylcholine, multivitamins, and saline solution. Phosphatidylcholine, a natural lecithin derived from soy plants, consists of two unsaturated fatty acids: linoleic and alpha-linoleic acid.

While the body produces its own phosphatidylcholine, it contains saturated fatty acids such as palmitic, oleic, and stearic acids. This essential nutrient is present in all cell membranes, and during fetal development, it facilitates lung inflation and deflation, preventing them from sticking together. Similarly, it acts as a lubricant in the intestines, preventing adhesions. Making phosphatidylcholine injectable requires a solvent that also serves as a detergent substance. Deoxycholic acid, commonly used for emulsifying fats in the intestine, is utilized in the process.

When the Mesotherapy solution is injected into the targeted fatty tissue, the double layer of the fat cell membrane swells and hardens. Acting as a detergent, the injected agent initiates the breakdown of fat, converting fat cells into minuscule particles of nano-size, equivalent to one-millionth of a millimeter. Subsequently, the liver completes the final phase of the process by completely breaking down the fat into carbon dioxide and water.

While Mesotherapy is a popular cosmetic procedure, it is not recommended for certain individuals. Pregnant women, nursing mothers, obese patients, and individuals with diabetes, autoimmune diseases, vascular complications, or infections of any kind are advised against using this treatment. It is important to note that injection lipolysis, the fat-dissolving method used in Mesotherapy, is not intended for weight loss purposes.

To prepare for your appointment, please avoid the following:

  • Willow Bark or Gingko Biloba supplements for at least ten days before treatment.
  • Avoid Aspirin, Vitamin E, and anti-inflammatory drugs for at least five days before treatment.
  • Limit caffeine intake in the 24 hours before your treatment.
  • Avoid prescription stimulants on the day of treatment.

For Mesotherapy on the face, follow specific instructions. Start your Medrol dose pack three days before the treatment and wash the area with an antibacterial soap on the morning of the treatment. Do not apply lotions, creams, bath oils, or sprays. Use Arnica cream (unless treated on the face) before the treatment and eat a light, high-protein meal or a high-protein bar (with 30 grams of protein or more).

After Mesotherapy, you can return to work. Avoid hot baths or showers for at least 48 hours and drink plenty of water – 1 gallon on the day of the treatment and 80 ounces (10 glasses) daily until all treatments are finished. For two weeks following the treatment, avoid hot tubs or saunas, intense exercise for 48 hours, and other creams or lotions on the treated areas for 48 hours. Wear loose-fitting clothes for at least 48 hours after the treatment. Remember that bruising may last over ten days, so avoiding certain drugs and herbs can help reduce bruising. For 48 hours, avoid even casual sunbathing, and after that, use at least an SPF 30 sunscreen whenever exposed to sunlight for two weeks after the procedure. Finish the Medrol dose pack if treated on the face, and take Lasix as directed.


CHIN & JOWLS: $400 (average number of 2-3 treatments)

EYE PADS: $400 (average number of 1-2 treatments)

ARMS, ARMPIT FLANKS: $400 (average number of 2-3 treatments)

LOVE HANDLES, FLANKS: $350-$400 (average number of 2-4 treatments)

HIPS, SADDLE BAG AREA: $350-$400 (average number of 2-4 treatments)

THIGHS: $400-$500 (average of 3-5 number treatments)

ABDOMEN: $400-$500 (average of number 4-7 treatments)

BRA BURGE AREA: $400 (average of number 2-3 treatments)




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